Various based on size, location, and aggressiveness. These commonly include persistent headaches, seizures, cognitive changes, neurological deficits like weakness or numbness, and vision or speech problems. As tumours grow, symptoms may worsen and expand to include nausea, vomiting, or balance issues.

Most Common Types

The most common types of gliomas include astrocytomas, which originate from astrocytes, oligodendrogliomas, which develop from oligodendrocytes, and glioblastomas, which are highly aggressive and represent a subtype of astrocytoma.

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Treatment for Gliomas

Radiation treatment for gliomas involves the use of high-energy radiation beams to target and destroy cancerous cells within the brain or spinal cord. The process typically begins with a detailed simulation session where imaging scans, such as CT or MRI, are used to precisely map out the tumor's location, size, and shape. During treatment sessions, the patient lies on a treatment table, and a machine called a linear accelerator delivers the radiation beams to the targeted area of the brain. Radiation treatment is typically administered in multiple sessions (fractions) over several weeks to allow healthy tissue to recover between treatments. The goal of radiation therapy for gliomas is to shrink tumours, slow their growth, alleviate symptoms, and improve overall survival rates. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled after completing radiation therapy to monitor for tumour recurrence and address any long-term effects of treatment.

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