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Cancer Patients’ Guide To Christmas When You Have Children

Christmas is an incredibly tiring time, with events, family gatherings and activities constantly taking place throughout advent. But some parents’ festive plans may have been thrown a curveball with an

All About The UK’s Largest Prostate Cancer Screening Trial

The future of men’s health in the UK is potentially set to change thanks to the announcement of a huge prostate cancer screening trial that could have major implications for

Pregnancy And Having Cancer – Everything You Need To Know

As soon as most women find out they are pregnant, they want to protect their little baby as much as possible. So to discover they also have cancer will feel

Do All Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy As Their Treatment?

Chemotherapy is perhaps the best-known form of cancer treatment, as the intense drug destroys cancer cells and prevents any more from growing.  While the drug, which can be taken orally

Could Artificial Intelligence Help With Cancer Diagnoses?

In a year in which one of the most widely-discussed technologies in the medical world has been artificial intelligence, the potential for machine learning and AI’s use to help accelerate

How AI Will Play A Vital Role Within Oncology In The Future

In recent years, the field of medical science has witnessed a seismic shift with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). While the impact has been substantial across various domains, perhaps

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