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How To Manage The Fear Of Recurrence After Cancer Treatment

The general rule of a cancer diagnosis is that the earlier it is diagnosed, the more options for treatment are open to a private oncologist, and the greater the chance these treatments will be successful. This is what is meant when professionals talk about the grades and progression stages of cancer, and whilst there are so many different types of cancer which behave differently. However, once someone is declared cancer-free after a course of treatment, it can create a whirlwind of emotions, from relief to guilt, to worry about the potential for recurrence. The most important first point to note is that you are not alone in this; this is not just because so many survivors have a similar set of feelings, but also that your team is here for you as well. Your oncologist, nurses and specialists are on hand to answer any questions, let you know the potential risk factors for cancer returning and whether there are any ways to help prevent its return, as well as develop a plan to manage the parts you can control. It is also important to let the team know about any side effects that have lingered from your treatment and if they are having an effect on your daily life or hobbies you like to do. We are here to help you and reassure you if an issue you are concerned about is as much of a problem as it initially appears. As well as this, it is important to remember the treatments and processes that helped you get to the point of being cancer free. This will help remind you that you did everything you could to make sure you had the best possible outcome. As well as this, it can be worth finding a survivor’s group or a therapist to confide your fears to in a controlled, understanding environment.

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