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  • What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer?

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer can have many different signs and symptoms. If you notice any symptoms or have a reason for concern, it is always best that you seek the help and advice of a doctor so they can refer you for the correct tests. Catching cancer as early as possible increases the likelihood of it being treatable and therefore increases your chances of recovering from it. It is important that you do not ignore any worrying signs, even if they are only minor or don’t seem important. There are many symptoms of kidney cancer, however often they are not obvious straight away and therefore kidney cancer is most often found and diagnosed when testing for other health issues. Some of the symptoms of kidney cancer, however, do present and can be easily identified. These include: Blood in your urine, which is often identified as it gives the urine a slight pink tinge. This is sometimes not visible and can only be shown via tests. A lump or swelling in the back, neck or below the ribcage. While these can be sore or tender, in some cases they may not be felt at all unless specifically searched for. Pain in the mid-abdomen between the chest and waist. This may be mistaken as a pulled muscle or something else which does not seem serious, however, pain which does not go away should always be checked. A sudden loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss are symptoms of many types of cancer, including kidney cancer and should never be ignored. If you are losing significant amounts of weight without there being a reason, you should always seek advice from your doctor. Extreme fatigue is another symptom which may be mistaken for other illnesses, however, this is also something which should be treated regardless of the reasons it is happening. Another symptom is a high temperature which does not seem to drop or regulate at any point and remains consistently high. This indicates your body is trying to fight off infection or disease and should be addressed as soon as possible. Linked to this, excessive sweating during the daytime or night-time can also be a symptom of kidney cancer and should also be seen too if you begin to experience this. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important that you seek the help of a doctor and have them checked by your GP. While they are not definitive signs of cancer, they can still be linked to various health issues which should still be treated and addressed. It is important that they are checked however, catching cancer early makes it much more treatable and manageable. If you’re concerned or are experiencing any of the symptoms above and they have started suddenly and in an extreme or unmanageable way, booking an emergency doctor appointment or seeking advice from 111 is advised as they can be signs of a kidney infection, which can be serious.

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